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1990 Comanche

Old man with MJ

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Found a 1990,body in good shape except for area behind driver door,plasic vent knocked off,small dent in that area,don't know how difficult that would be to repair,chrome front,black bumper,replaced 4.0L engine,5spd.,replaced clutch, 4wd,nice interior with bucket seats and full console,haven't seen it yet. said make offer.looked at kellybb around $1300. What do yall think?


Update :

Its been sold,didn't get to see.


This can be deleted,I can't see how to do it!

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Depends on what area your in :dunno:


North east, not a real bad price........down south......a little high, out in CA, cheap, and if in Minnesota, way too much :eek:


If you can post what area your in, and maybe some pictures when you check it out, we'll give you a little better idea what's it worth.


Oh, and one thing to remember, if it's local to you, that's worth something, cause of travel to go pick it up ;)


Cab vent, really easy fix, any dent's in the B-pillar, that can be knocked out from the inside.


Bucket seats and the full console, yea, that's a good upgrade, the replaced engine, get the story on that, like does the truck have 2 million miles on it, or what :dunno: The 4.0 has a history of getting 300K no problem with PM.

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Southern truck.........most seam to run high mileage, could be the reason the engine was replaced :hmm:


Most of the southern truck have the paint bleed out, unless it has been repainted. Clear coat pealing is very common to the MJ's, it was a factory mistake.


Yes, rust is a hugh factor on the value of the MJ.


A minor fender bender on the front could be why it has a chrome grill and painted bumpers :dunno:


Again.........We need pictures :D A couple pictures and some info go along ways around here :yes:

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Electronic Control Unit = Computer


Controls spark (on/off), timing, and injector pulses, from an array of sensors.


You wrote that your looking at a 1990, so that would be the "older" system, which is referred to as the "Renix" electrical system (1987-1990) on the 4.0 engine. Chrysler took over in '88, started full ownership of Jeep in '89 and started making Chrysler changes in 1991 with the ECU and labeled it the HO 4.0 engine. Most of the mechanical parts are interchangeable, with the XJ (Cherokee) right up to 1996, with a few small items to keep an eye on.

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