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installing used gears

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ok so I'm getting ready to order my install kit for my upcoming gear swap and would just like some input from cny. i have a hp30 with 3.07s and i just pulled a 4.10 gearset and carrier out of a junkyard 4 banger, both the carrier and pinion bearings and races are in good shape, no scoring or excessive play.

so ive decided to just go with a minor install kit. i have a friend with experience in gearing that is going to come and help me. I'm just wondering if there is any set backs to using used gears in a different housing? ive heard i will end up with a lil gear whine due to the gears already being broken in..

also if there is anything bad with using the nitro install kit as opposed to yukons minor install kit? its cheaper and is more complete.








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When I did my D30 I bought an extra set of carrier bearings, so I could hone them out for a slip fit.

I bought everything separate from the local parts house (2 sets of MATCHING, same brand carrier bearings, pinion bearings & shims).


That was 12, or 13 years ago, so those brain cells are less than reliable now,

but I used the number stamped on the head of the pinion to determine pinion depth (they explain it in the FSM),

since you're using factory gears, both the old & new pinion's should have the reference number engraved on them.


As far as used gears go,

when I'm swapping a carrier, I like to check backlash before I pull it, and try to get them as close as possible to where they were before.


I don't know that it's absolutely necessary to match the old backlash (as long as it's in spec), but it makes me feel better. :D

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you would've been better to pull the whole axle imo. i've had mixed expereince w/ used gears, some went well, i recently fought a set for quite a few hours to get them as best as they could be.


if i have an option of swapping a whole axle in that has the factory gears unmolested, or remove those gears and re set them up in a different housing, i will always choose swap the axle.

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There are two things to make sure to do. One, is to have the backlash as close to the original as possible and second, to make sure there is enough preload when you install the carrier into the case. I needs to fit tight so things do not move around.


J B Cuz

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