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I'm definitely down with any excuse to go back to the USVI 8). I've only been once - this past Thanksgiving, but it was great, and the wife and I had a blast.


I haven't been to St. Croix, but if it's anything like St. Thomas or St. John, then our MJ's would actually fit right in! When I was there, seemed like 80% of all vehicles were beat-up Jeeps or older compact trucks (I saw at least 2 MJ's). The other 15% were F-250's with canopies over the beds that had been converted into Taxi's, and maybe the remaining 5% were semi-nice cars. And some interesting Euro-market rides thrown in. I actually started keeping my eyes peeled for a 2.5 diesel XJ, and if I saw one, I would've found a way to get it shipped home :D )


When we were on St. John, a higher clearance vehicle was pretty much a requirement to get to our campground - and that was on the main paved road. There were a couple places where the switchbacks were steep enough that the stock-height TJ we rented would've bottomed out if you cut the corners too close. And to make it really weird, all the cars are set up LHD, but traffic also drives on the left - talk about some white-knuckle moments if you have a lapse in concentration and slip into regular driving habits. So combine that with borderline 3rd world road conditions, and the whole laid-back beach vibe, it means the locals are much more about practicality in their vehicles than looks.

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