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the dirt pick n pull


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i went to the dirt pick n pull today cuz i heard there was 2 mjs there

there was...one wasnt even worth taking a pic of

that bad...100% rotted, no axle roses, nothing

here's a pic of the other one

its the same color as mine!!


and here's the rear...is it anything good?


here's some pics of what i found along my 100 mile walk uphill both ways carrying a 2 ton tool box in the freezing rain



and these kick @$$ cars


ouch..hope they are ok


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what is that part :dunno:

I'm a newb....remember



it's the part that attaches the rear driveshaft to the output on the transfer case.


YJ yokes are wider between the yoke ears, and are nominally longer than XJ/MJ yokes. Lotsa folks that either swap rear axles with shorter pinions or lift XJ/MJ's can use them.



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if you guys circle the stuff in the pics, or send me a pic, i can get you stuff..

what emblems? the comanche ones...I'm taking mine off and already have some laying here, i don't think there going back on my truck so........which ones u want?

4 headlight waggy?

yj slip yoke??

really?..you know what, eric will know what u guys are saying..he can tell me what the parts your asking 4 are.....if i tell him where this gold mine is....MU HA HA HA :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

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yeapp the comanche ones and the Jeep ones in the front :clapping: i was thinking of painting a set black and doing some airbrushing with them :idea:

igot those....and the 4.0 high output chrome ones too

i was gonna put them on, so i cleaned them up and they look sharp


and since noone else is answering my question...is that a dana 44 or 35c in the pic?

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