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Oil in coolant?

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I took the comanche to Firestone to have the coolant system flushed and they told me there is a small trace of oil in the coolant. Does this mean I have an internal leak? Should I start shopping for a new motor now?

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Sorta what I was thinking...




Might be a problem with the head gasket. But, I'd look at the oil and see if there's any coolant in it. If there isn't, I'd really not be too worried. Just take a peak at the oil and coolant every now and again.




Chances are they're being tools.

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Is it a 4.0 with a closed cooling system or a 2.5 with open? If it is open the oil will tend to collect in the reservoir over time as it is lighter than the coolant and finds it's way to the top. Just keep an eye on the reservoir for a layer of oil before starting the engine when it is cold. If you are getting coolant in the oil it will turn in to a milkshake and that is very bad.

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