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Exhuast Manifold Question

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I need a new exhaust manifold on my 89 Renix 4.0. I have searched the board up and down and have seen a lot of different answers but what exactly is stoping a 92 and up manifold/header from fitting a 91 and below engine? Is it possible to fit a 92 and up manifold on a renix motor and if so how?


The reason I want to know is simply becuase you can buy a 92 up APN header for around the same price if not cheaper than the price of a new renix stock manifold.

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You're a little mixed up on your years. 91 was the first year for the HO, not 92.


As for the differences on the head, I believe the ports are different for the intakes, not the exhaust.


Renix manifolds have the O2 sensor on the... HO ones do not. It's in the downpipe.

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so if the exhaust ports are the same then wouldnt that mean that a 91 and newer manifold would fit on a renix motor?



it will bolt up just fine. the biggest issue would be the lack of an egr bung, which may or may not matter-depending on the emissions testing for your state. also it will be lacking an o2 sensor bung, and the current downpipe will have to be modified(IIRC). not really that big a deal, and the o.e. renix manifold is a not a very hi-po piece anyway...


edit: just noticed you're in CA as well, wouldn't be that big a deal to weld in a bung to keep the egr. if i didn't already have a borla renix header, i'd be doing just that.

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I believe if you go with a HO exhaust manifold, the downpipe is also different vs. renix. You could get around that with any good muffler shops or if you have a welder. Or get a HO downpipe.


I thought there was Renix intake manifold clearance issues with the HO exhaust manifold as well... :???:

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