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Sticking Gas Pedal or throttle cable or linkage

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Ok, my machine is running pretty good now (aside from needing a new egr).


I had to move 'er the other day. I got it, fired 'er up and when to drive away. I pressed on the gas and moved forward. When I took my foot off, the throttle stayed in that spot. During the hi revs, I went with it and moved my vehicle. I also noticed that if I press the pedal past that point, it will reluctanly and slowly return to the hi idle position (about 2000 rpm).


I sprayed WD-40 onto the linkage on the throttle body and tried to spray down the throttle cable sleeve but it still sticks.


About a month ago, it seemed to be working fine.


Any insight to this one?

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I had the exact same thing happen on one of my XJ's!! I hit all the "joints" in the linkage with penetrating oil. Save the WD-40 for what its designed for... Displacing Water.

I have used a number of good ones. KROIL is a favorite but its not in a spray can. LIQUID WRENCH, FREE-ALL, PB BLASTER, and others are FAR better at freeing up rusted or corroded connections. My favorite is a MOPAR product. Its made for heart-a-lators in exhaust manifolds. But hold onto your wallet if you buy this one.. close to 20$ a can!!!


Finally it freed up, but took some time to work completely, immediate difference was seen, but its completely smooth and free now.


I don't dislike WD-40, its just that there is far better stuff available.



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Just what CWLongshot said. WD-40 is the wrong product.


I have had the exact same problem. There is no "linkage" on the throttle body, but there is a bellcrank down below the manifold that can get rusty. That's where mine was getting stuck, and it took a bunch of PB Blaster and a lot of moving it manually through the full range of motion before it freed up.

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KROIL is a favorite but its not in a spray can.



Down here in Nawth Carolina, KROIL is availabe in spray cans. Good stuff.

My favorite at the present time is SeaFoam Deep Creep.


Awhile back, during some air intake work on my daughter's XJ, I inadvertently positioned

the intake hose in such a manner that the top of the throttle cable just barely touched

the hose. This led to some intermittent throttle sticking. Felt like such an idiot when

I finally found the problem. This probably isn't the problem in this case, as this was a

HO, but check closely for obstructions along the throttle cable.

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