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Brake line question?

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You can move the brake lines down in front to gain a little (bend the hard lines, and screw the clamp at the bottom of the frame).

Or use YJ lines if you need more (TJ's probably too, but I've only used YJ's).




For the rear, YJ line again, and/or move the upper mounting point down.

That useless bracket that holds the adjustable proportioning valve is actually a great place to mount the upper rear line. :yes:

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For the front, 1988 era Chevy 1500 front lines are a perfect fit, and about 6" or so longer than stock.


I found this out a bit too late, and am running Dodge 1500 lines (can't remember year). They are actually too long, but I was able to route them to where they will never be in the way of anything. I can get a pic of this if you would like, but will have to wait for the snow we are getting here to clear first.

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I just moved the bracket for the hard to soft line down to mount on the prop. valve bracket. it got me the extra length I needed with the stock line.




When I did away with the rear prop. valve during the axle swap I used a '95 Dakota line. Only reason was that I destroyed the factory line trying to get it apart and the Dakota line was cheaper (and longer) than getting a factory replacement.

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