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120 speedo

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close but not quite. I retrofitted a late model t-case to use the early model speedo cable in my 90. My 88 (the wheelin truck) still only has the Tach for gauging its speed. :D


Using a 94 cluster in an 88 truck is next to impossible. the systems behind those needles are completely different. :( Or are you talking about putting just the speedo inside the old cluster?

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How hard would it be to put a 120 speedo out of 94 XJ into a 88 XJ?


Yep, that's a regulation export RHD Euro cluster. It (the speedo) can be easily retrofitted into a 91-96 US HO model by creative jumper wiring on the back of the cluster and drilling a couple of new mounting holes for the speedo gauge mounting. But to mount in an 88 cluster you would have to swap out the mechanical speed sensor on the tranny tailpiece or t-case (4WD) for the electronic sensor. It's doable in an HO fairly easily, but very difficult in a non-HO because the cluster cable pinouts are very different - lots of rewiring and would be a major PITA. And the fuel and tach gauges are completely different physically and in how they are wired.


EDIT: That pic looks like a cut-and-paste from Gojeep's site. Or do you have this cluster in-hand?

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