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new tires


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Hey guys this might be a little off topic sorry about this.


i'm having trouble deciding on some new tires for my lifted xj. the xj is used as a d/d, for camping, at off road parks, and mostly on old logging trails. At first i was looking at the bfg km2's, and the pro comp x-terrains and now ive been leaning towards the bfg all-terrains. I need some help with choosing my tires. whatever the tire they will be on cragar soft 8's 15 x 8 with 4" of back spacing. and for tire size i'm thinking 32x 11.50. any advice would be great, thanks guys - cody

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The AT . tires are also a much harder rubber compound , with more of a rough ride than the softer compounds .


They will last you longer , but for more aggressive traction off road , mud , loose sand , ext. I would go with the


BFG , mud terrains . plus a smoother ride . I am using the BFG AT"s now but I want a set of mud terrain's for off road use .


However where I live, there is allot of pavement to rock roads, with pot-holes the size of a VW out here and they have held up


great . I guess its just personal preference . :thumbsup:

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