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electrical problems

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First thing I do with taillight issues is look for a hacked in trailer plug.


There's an electrical connector on the left side, behind the bumper that feeds the taillights,

you could check that too to see if it's corroded, or unplugged.

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Since the turn signals and brake lights use the same bulb filament the problem would be between the brake switch and the turn signal switch wouldn't it? Is this a column shift? If so that would also point to the steering column wouldn't it?



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While your checking the easy stuff, check the brake pedal switch. If that is actuating good, follow the voltage and see where it goes. :dunno:


On the 88 we have around my house, the connector was in bad shape. I fixed that. Then started having weird tranny torque converter problems. I went to looking at the brake switch and it seemed to be acting kinda funky so I replaced it. $10 part, 10 minutes (most spent finding something to kneel on in the mud while reaching inside the cab), no problems since but I'm waiting to pronounce "fixed".



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