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anyone running 10" wheels

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I am. I've got 3.5" backspacing on them. Like CW says, not many people out there running them.


I've got a 5" lift and a Dana 30 and XJ Dana 44 for axles and they do fit in the wheel wells when the truck is flexed, but they are tight.

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I wouldn't take CWLONGSHOT's comments in a bad way,


there's lots of reasons not to run 10's on an XJ/MJ.


Wheel bearings:


3.5"bs 10's have the same centerline as 2.5" backspacing 8's, or 2" backspacing 7's.


That's alot of bearing killing negative offset.


Tire width:


MJ wheelwells aren't the widest out there (especially the fronts),

they seem to 'like' 10.5"-11" wide tires best.

Wider tires can fit, but are more likely to hit the spring tower, or take out the outer edge of the fender as they stuff in.

Most 12.5" & under tires are 'happy' on 8" wide wheels, so there's not much reason to run 10's with them,

unless you're trying to make the overall tire wider than it would be on an 8.


Bead retention:


Going narrow on the wheels (for the most part) helps keep beads seated better than wider wheels.





I'm sure there are other reasons to run, or not run 10's

but these are the things I think of when running 7's, or 8's on XJ/MJ's.


To go one further, I run 7's whenever possible, since it's easier to get XJ/MJ friendly backspacing in a 7".

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I'm running 10's aswell with i believe 4"back spacing , though 10's wernt my first choice i couldnt pass up the deal , but i would agree that they will put more stress on the bearings and ball joints aswell as reducing bead retention but in my case iv got the front hub conversion that has better front wheelbearings and my rims are TR beadlocks.

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