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is it worth changing a renix head to a ho head?

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If you do the intake/TB & exhaust (& fuel rail/injectors), it's worth it, sorta.


If you need to do a head anyway, I'd say it's worth the extra work

(you have to adapt the Renix throttle position sensor to the HO TB, get a new head pipe, disconnect the EGR, and adapt the fuel lines to the fuel rail).

You'll get a freer breathing engine, and a stronger top end.

Probably looking at 10-13hp improvement over a good running Renix.


If your engine is already running fine, and doesn't need any head work,

is the above work worth 10-13hp to you?

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in my experience the extra work is probably not worth it... but i'd do it again.


my truck already had a 97 engine (ho heads and all) installed, and the renix manifolds and stuff (even though they didn't line up) on it when i bought it... and it ran fine, not obviously out of whack. but it seems to be happier now (can't step into it to much or the clutch slips but it seems better :roll: )

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hmm. ill think on that. the head has no intake or exhaust manifold. there is what i have done to the motor. k&n air filter, rustys throttle body spacer and upgraded injectors same psi but has the better spray pattern. exhaust has magnaflow cat and flowsound 2.5 inlet and 2.5 dual outlet muffler.i have felt a big emprovement but thought that might help more. i get 200 to a tank. which seems ok but would like to get more if possible.

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