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Ebay: Super Nice NOS tan mini console

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Thanks for the heads up on this. Just what we needed for our Comanche.


In fact, I came home from work early to win the auction. (That may be a sign...)


In my rush, I noticed the console was being advertised as 2WD. But aren't they all the same, just the 2WD consoles had an insert rather than the 4WD bezel? I went out and looked at our son's XJ, but he has a full-size console. Our MJ is in the shop about 30 miles away.


Anyway, it is mine now. Thanks again!

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Puritan21, thanks for the response.


Here is a full-size tan console that popped up on eBay. It is ending soon, though.




These tan ones are hard to find compared to the other colors.


Good luck, and thanks again.

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dasbrick, which console are you talking about?


On the mini-console we bought, we are just swapping out the new mini-console for the old damaged mini-console (this is on our MJ).


On our son's XJ, we bolted in a full console in place of the mini-console. No trimming or anything. The front brackets are the same for both consoles, and you just need the rear bracket when you bolt in the full console.


On an MJ, I do not know for sure if there is any trimming going from mini to full console. I think it just bolts in as described on the XJ above.

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