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HELP terrible idle, motor issue, not driveable

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i did lots of google searches couldn't find anything, maybe i'm blind idk, maybe you guys can help me out



88mj, ax15 swap, 4.0L




last night finished the tranny swap, figured we'd go play around in just some easy stuff, touch the dirt then head back.




started it up, it was idling at 2,000 rpms... figured it was an automatic choke or something


bout a minute later it dropped to around 750rpms, figured this was good. got about 10 minutes from my house and the idle, (neutral or clutch in) would rev back to 2,000... it was also pulling like crazy being the high rpms.


got to the dirt, idle stayed up, flexed out (first time for the 'manche) in the dirt, and it was on 31's, had more to it but was ontop of the rock






continued up the trail about 5 minutes, when i was moving in first gear the motor was holding at about 1,500 rpms pulling me



got up the hill a little ways and the jeep just lost everything, idle was bouncing between 250-750, give it gas, nothing really happened, just seemed to bog it out a bit if anything


just sat and sputtered... got it down the hill in neutral with the motor running for power breaks and steering.



something weird was when i would slowly let the clutch out in 1st gear it would kick back up, pull the jeep for a second (running normal) then die back out after about 2-3 seconds






we just got done with the tranny and i personally think it MIGHT be something with the clutch? don't think it was properly bled, but don't know why that would make it idle and sputter poorly.


also i was running it with the exaust off at the 'doughnut' or whatever, so just the downpipe.





any ideas? sensors?


sorry for the long jumbled post, just trying to describe what is going on, thank you guys

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if you were running it with out the oxygen sensor thats a problem. not sure exactly where you were leaving the exhaust off, but sounds like just the manifold, and that would mean no oxygen sensor. a renix will not run without the oxygen sensor, later engines the computer will substitute and at least stay running.

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