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How does it happen


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Is there a woman in the house?


I lived in this house for ten years before I married my wife, and the previous house for another ten. In twenty years, I have never had the cord for any phone in the house get knotted or twisted. Now that I'm married, I have to untangle the phone cord (the one from the phone to the handset) every time I want to use the phone. It's especially annoying when it's an incoming call and I'm running to pick up before the answering machine grabs it.


Then there are seat belts. My '88 XJ has over 287,000 miles on it and is 22 years old this month. The shoulder belt on the driver's side has never been tangled. I think EVERY time my wife rides with me, the shoulder belt on the passenger side gets flipped over where it goes through the B pillar loop. The mystery is, it's TOUGH to get it flipped back the way it should be. I cannot understand how she gets it messed up so consistently and so effortlessly.


There's no question, it's a gender thing.

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