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is this a good deal?

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Why get a dropped pitman with the V8 ZJ arm :huh???: Have one on my TJ, stock pitman, fit perfect and works great. Is your ZJ steering box shorter than the XJ/TJ?


That kit would probably tighten the front end up for a year or so, but then the cheapness would really start to shine through. Hard to say how much the shipping would be from Canada too.

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I have reached the point where if I need anything the first thing I do is check EBay. Read the description. Have any questions ask the vendor, Make sure of what you're getting. Pay with PayPal.Any problems they will resolve them. Also don't get the fiest item you see. Check them all. Example. I have seen MJ fiel pumps offered for as little as $14 and as high as $96.Just do your homework.

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Yea.......don't fall for the "Package" deals from parts stores and dealers on e-bay :shake:


You can do a lot better shopping around, for better quality parts, and even up-grades than these "package" deals.


One of my favorite shopping stops is........Rockauto.com, and even better when you hit the "Wholesalers" discontinued parts, and get brand names, like Moog for less than half the price of places like Advance auto parts :brows:


Plus........must 'dealer' on e-bay whack you big time on the shipping and handling end :eek:

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