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SPEED on two different accounts

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After months of working on my MY MJ (MOOSE), I finally had enough faith on NEW YEARS DAY, to take MOOSE for a few hour distance drive for the shake down run. ON this drive It started raining, so I turn on the windshield wipers on high and they operate to slow for me. Some trucks, cars and other vehicle were just designed to be slower than what I want them to be. So; my question is, what do I do? What have you done to SPEED UP the process up?

PS MOOSE ran great, and drove great, with NO PROBLEMS. This is the first time MOOSE has been on a distance road tip in over two years :D he just has a little to much vibration for me at different speeds, even in the sweet spot of 65 MPH, that I will have to look into, maybe new shocks will take care of it, WHAT do you think? The tires are brand new. The drive shaft is the same, but I did change the BA10-5 to ANOTHER PEWGOAT BA10-5, what a mistake :nuts: I did not know any better when I bought it at the bone yard. CC has straighten me out on the history of the PEWGOAT, an AX-15 will be the next transmission I install if I can find one, with an external slave cylinder :hmm:

Vibration - where does it come from? what would you look at?

The second account is WIPER SPEED - you think maybe a different wiper motor model from the bone yard would help my speed? what did you do? :headpop:

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97+ motors have different wiring, I tried to figure it out but then I realized that my problem with the wipers not working was the circuit breaker on the bottom of the fuse box. though now they work like the OPs where slow is slow and fast is slower then slow. I may go back and get a 97+ and wire it in and hope it works better.

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I know this won't help your cause but I use Rain-X washer solvent on every car. With constant use I don't use my wipers much anymore. The water just goes away without the need of the wipers. I would clean the windshield good and use the regular rain-x before putting the washer solvent in the bottle. It just prepares the windshield better.


I would agree with the ground. I have seen the wiper motors loose a ground because they have bushings. Just clip a wire onto the motor and ground it to the firewall and see if it helps. Sometimes the wiper motor board is bad but it's worth a shot.

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