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How to Check Front Turn Signal Ground?

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1987 4.0L SWB 4x4 5-speed manual


I've read through threads on front turn signal problems. My rear turn signals work, both for regular turn and flasher. However, the front parking lamps (not corner lamps) will not burn, and the corner lamps burn when headlights are on, but will not blink for turn signal or flasher. I've checked the bulbs and fuses.


I know I need to check the ground, but how is this done?


Thanks in advance.

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I made sure I had voltage and ground continuity,for turn and park lights at the front sockets (I had no turn or park lights). I took a jumper wire to test a 1157 bulb to make sure it was good on both filaments. when I put the "good"light in the socket and didn't get lights, I replaced both sockets out of my donor XJ, all was well.

If you have voltage at the sockets, it can't be anything other than a ground/socket issue.

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