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Window problem and vac routings

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I rolled the window down yesterday and when I tried to roll it back up all it did was "click". I was glad the PO didn't install speakers so I could reach in and give the window a push.


Is this a "normal" problem and what is the cure?


I found a chero that had the same motor...lots was gone, but it had the mini pvc hose and the larger hose (heck the whole stupid block) back to the air box.

I want to make this right, so is there a diagram to help out in this or should I pull the Haynes manual from off the floor jack and actually look through the pages...figured the book would work well to keep the jack from scratching the frame ;)


Wayne S

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The label under the hood should show you the correct routing.


But, you are using the Haynes manual for its best use. I usually just use them to keep the workbench from getting beer can rings.


If you look in the files section on the Yahoo group, I posted a vaccuum diagram there.

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i had the same problem with the window on mine. you have to replace the spiral wound wire thingy lol. it engages with some gears on the crank and that moves the window up & down. i just drilled out the rivets holding the one on and removed the bolt holong it to the widow and with some manuvering i got it out through the speaker hole. just put the new one back in the same way, and i didn't have any rivets big enough so i just used some small bolts and it works like new. also i lubed it up with some silicone lube and it is almost effort less to work.

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