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Control Drop Brackets?

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Drop brackets with a 2" lift? Most, if not all, the commercially available drop brackets are made for a 4" lift and they lower to control arms 4 inches relative to the chassis. I didn't like them with a 4" lift because they were rock magnets, but with a 6" lift they would ride 2 inches higher, and they would eliminate the need for aftermarket control arms.

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I don't like a lot of the drop bracket made for the XJ, because you usually have a big shelf to catch crap on in reverse. But, while I don't like a lot of things from them, Rocky Road outfitters have a sweet set of MJ specific DB's, that follow the MJ extra brace, and look good, as well as "ramp up" so it isn't just a rock anchor for stuff to grab at. Here's what I mean:


Motion Offroad:



See how the back is just a vertical piece that screams rock magnet?


Now, RRO:



The RRO ones have a nice taper, to help you slide off and on of obstacles, as well as just more general beef. If I don't go with the long arms like I want to, I am going to get the Rubicon Express short arm kit, and use the RRO brackets in place of the RE DB's.


Rob L.

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I have a set on my MJ. My opinion of them mirrors EAGLE's. @ 4" on the street fine, off road OK. Move to 6" OK on the street better off road as they are higher up out of the way of the rock trolls.


Ride quality MUCH IMPROVED!! The better option would be long arms, but you HAVE the DB's.. just use them!!




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Thanks guys,I just got home from an unexpected run to DC(20 hours round trip) to pick up my daughter,she couldnt get a flight back.....She missed Christmas day with family but it was worth it to be able to have her back home.

I'm going to run the drop brackets until I can buy the long arms.I hope to have tires and wheels this week ,brkts on and alighment done,its killin me to get it on the road.

I have to hurry before UPS gets here with the TJ lift for my sons jeep....

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My 100 dollar truck came with DBs on it. For the other MJ I bought a set RRO DBs (used) because I like the design. Both of my trucks are not going to be "rock" rigs, they will be used mostly for trails and mud, so I'm not seeing much negatives in my application. From what I can see, the DBs are a small price to pay for a much better ride over the cost of a long arm setup.

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