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Gas Tank Size

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Can someone confirm the size replacement tank I need to get I have a





also what replacement tanks have you guys been buying. I have a leak but it has the shield on it so I don't know how bad it is. Just figured I better get it replaced instead of patching it. Oh and are they hard to replace?

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That plastic shield you see is really bad for the gas tanks, road grit, sand, dirt, and water sit inside the shield and just eat the tanks away, Do not put it back on if you get a new tank, you don't really need it.


I like this place (and it's in PA too :D )




They also sell the straps if you need. Just use some rubber compound material between the straps and the tank, I use strips of ice and water shield :brows:


The bolts for the straps can be made up from some 3/8" carriage bolts if you need new ones.

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