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here is a good one...manual window handles..how..

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I have taken off door panels before on many different cars and usually, if you have manual crank windows, there is a C clip that holds the crank handle on...pop that off and the handle comes off. But I hav been fighting for an hour and I can't see how to get these window handles off. I can't see anything behind the handle and there is no screw that is hidden on the front. Someone has to have fought with these before...I don't want to break something figuring it out.

Must be simple but I am missing it.


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use both hands. put fingers of each hand behind the crank handle, opposite of each other, and pull until it comes off.



the window cranks have no clips. just splines. pull evenly from either side, it'll come off every time. try and be sitting down on the rocker with the door open, holding it open using your knee. that keeps ya from falling backwards while you pry it.

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