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Bed Dimensions

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I have been shopping around for a truck box. I was hoping somebody could grab some measurements, I would but I am at work. I need the measurements for inside of bed rail to inside of bed rail (driver side to passenger side), outside edge of bed rail to outside edge on other side, top of bed rail to the bed itself (I.e. How deep. In case it's important I have an 89 short bed.


Thanks in advance!!!

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If you want a chest, this is the biggest one that I 'know' fits a shortbed MJ:

Weatherguard 654:

# Height: 19-1/4"

# Width: 20"

# Length: 55"

# Cubic feet: 12



Originally for a Flareside Full size Ford,

& pretty much fills the entire section in front of the SB MJ's wheelwells:



There is a slight mod required to fit it tho:

you have to hammer down some of the bend in the left hand bottom corner of the bed, that allows for gas filler tube clearance (or box will sit high on the left hand corner),

and I seriously doubt you could use one with a bedliner.


I ran my old MJ with the 'gas filler tube clearance bubble' hammered down for 6, or 7 years, and never had a problem with it.

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Looks like they make the same box in (white painted) steel (cheaper than the Alum DP).




Both these boxes have zero clearance lids (so you don't have to space them away from the back of the cab to open the lid),

and Weatherguard boxes aren't cheap ($$$), but (IMHO) they're worth it.


They honor their warranty's, and you almost never see one with a hasp & padlock screwed on the lid because the lock failed.


I would've gotten the black one but they were just releasing those when I bought mine. :(

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