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? for those that have swapped wire harnesses

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Poking around the junkyard I found

a decent shape mj 87 4.0 5 speed.

also found either 89 or 90 cherokee 4.0 auto.


I have thought about swapping out my wiring harness because of all the wiring gremlins I have due to the leaking clutch cylinder, I fixed it years ago but everything is finally breaking down.


the cherokee has the harness that DOES NOT have the C101 connector, has any one tried or know if it would be difficult to swap that harness for my 87 w/the c101 connector. its this or pull the good harness out of the JY MJ that is still in descent shape.


Now I know how time consuming it is to swap wiring around, that doesn't conscern me. its the fact that I may need to do a bunch of splicing woories me.

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The C101 connector was only used on the '87 and '88 model years, both in the MJ and the XJ, it's located just to the right of the MAP sensor, on the firewall.


Best picture of one I have, it's on the upper left corner -



You can use it in a swap either way, but, you must use both "half's" of the harness in the engine compartment.

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On an 89 where is the plug located that would plug in to the 87 C101,. Do the 89 and up still have a plug??

I thought it was deleted and all the wires ran directly. to their components


I thought it would be good to get rid of that connection for good

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you're best off using the MJ harness. using the xj harness you will need to cut and splice the rear connector under the driver's kick panel, and you'll need to run a wire to the turn signal switch for the brake lights.



renix MJ auto and manual dash harnesses are the same...you can mix and match, as long as they're both renix. so if you want the C101 connector, get the engine harness with that, and the MJ dash harness (inspect the fuse box so your problem doesn't occur again).



87mjdriver, I sent you a pm

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This is exactly what I am looking at as well. I have an 88 MJ and my cmc has been leaking on and off for years but I didn't realize it untill a few months ago so my fuse box is becoming toast. Mine has the 2.5 in it though so I'm not sure if what you are talking about applies to mine or not. :dunno: I lost my dome lights a while back and now my brack and dash lights are going. I have officially parked her untill I get a new cmc and figure out what in the world I am going to do as there doesn't appear to be an easy solution. :wall:

Keep us updated on your decision! :popcorn:

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