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Primer for rust

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Can anyone recommend a good primer paint for covering rust? I remember a couple years back there was a product claiming to convert rust to Zinc.It's surface rust, not rust thru.




My Jeep can burn more gas than your Jeep.


I've never used it, but I've read good things about the Eastwood Rust Converter (and it's available in a spray can as well)




There there is the POR15 that people use a lot.



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If you can find a product that converts iron oxide (rust) to zinc, you must have a close cousin of the philosopher's stone (that transforms lead into gold). There are cold galvanizing products out there, though, that will cover steel with a thin layer of zinc as a rust inhibitor. It will not remove rust, only prevent rust on new unrusted steel.


There are a number of rust reformers out there, and most hardware stores sell a brand or two in aerosol cans. Either way, wire brush as much of the rust off as possible before doing anything. Any remaining rust (even a speck) that didn't get converted will make it continue to rust, and no reformer will go below the surface.


Only sure way to eliminate rust is to cut it out and weld in new metal.

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Surface rust will come back if it is not prep properly. I am not sure if you are just trying to cover up an area or painting an entire vehicle...however the method that insures success the best is to obviously remove the surface rust first via sanding or grinding....obviously.

The next step I use ( for bare metal) is to prep the sruface with Duponts Quick Prep. It is a mild solution of Phosphuric Acid and Alcohol I believe. This converts any micro rust left behind into something...I forget...but acids nuetralizes any small surface rust. Also the quick prep seems to prep the surface or soften it a bit in prep for the primer. Use with a self etching primer like below and surface rust will not come back and the primer will actually be etched into the surface of the metal slightly...it really makes a tough primer coat. trust me...I have done this many times.


Next is to use a self etching primer.....Dupont makes 1K...that is available in a spray can at most good auto paitn stores...or the PO 15 is fine also. As long as it is a self etching primer.

Fail to do step one and usually you will get rust bleed back in a year or two.


When done right I have not seen rust come back even after 5 or more years living in NH.

Now that is surface rust only. If you have through rust and rot it has to be cut out and a patch welded in.



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