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cheapy rear leaf spring tech

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Measure all your leafs and look at JY for something close,or add leafs with more arch between the leafs you have.

Spring shop can re-arch and make add-a-leafs. Longer shackles could make slightly longer main spring work.

Buy overload springs,not the best option but might get an inch.

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Too bad you are so far away (I'm in San Diego) I have a pair of the stock Big Ton rear leaf packs in my garage. They have the 2 very beefy overload leafs underneath the standard leafs. The 2 overloads are about 1.5" thick and the 3 leaf main pack is over 1". I took them off in 1996 and have been in the garage attic ever since. One of the packs only has a few thousand miles on it as it was a replacement for an off-road misadventure. I replaced them with a military wrap custom 5" lift set. That set was way overbuilt (6 main and 2 overload leafs) and I took one of the short overloads out as it hung down so far. They would make a great 5/8" spacer.

Pat O

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