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Driveshaft ?

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I've tried searching to no avail. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there was a difference in length between a short bed driveshaft and a long bed driveshaft? I did a springover and have a slight driveline vibration and would feel more comfortable with a longer shaft. I was thinking if the long bed had a longer shaft, I could do that. If not, anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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what are your specs? lwb... engine, trans, t-case, axle... this info is just as important as lwb or swb when asking about drive shafts (put it in your sig)


soa shouldnt cause vibes. check your u-joints then check the angle of your pinion vs the angle of your output yoke.


a slip yoke from a yj? iirc is a bit longer

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did you install new u-joints? They tend to wear in at the fixed angle they've been operating at, and when you change the operational angle they aren't very happy.


I'd swap them as a start.....







Given identical drivetrains, the longbed MJ will have a driveshaft 6" longer than a shortbed MJ.


If you have a 4.0L auto, you can get a driveshaft from a 4.0L stick and it'll be 1" longer.

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Hrm...It's a 1987 4.0L auto short bed. My mechanic did the soa and said I could probably use a little bit longer driveshaft, but as long as I don't beat and bang on it off-road it would be fine. I will have to throw some new U-joints at it and see what that does. (Pete is gonna love this part)...Probably doesn't help matters that I'm running 33's with stock gearing. :doh:


I think I might be putting some 4.56's in pretty soon. Also, just out of curiosity, I currently have 6.5" of lift in the front and about 8" in the rear. Could I bump it up to 8'" in the front without having to extend the front driveshaft?

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