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centerforce preasure plate

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hey there,

i have previously bought a disc for a 1986 2.5l 4 speed comanche

would i be able to get a centerforce pressure plate and use my previously bought disc?

i just want to make sure that doing that is allright before i do it,



a bit of a laugh i went to the centerforce site

for pp and disc individual all together would be 273.56

but buy them together and its 354.03

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The package price for the clutch kit probably includes the throwout bearing/slave cylinder combo, and a clutch disc centering tool. Thats probably the difference, but I could be wrong. And yes a centerforce is overkill unless racing, otherwise a stock unit will do all you will ever need it to do.

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According to AutoZone on-line, the 9-11/16" is for the 4-speed and the 9-1/8" is for the 5-speed. Considering they are the same transmission, I find that rather questionable.


The 1986 MJ FSM says the clutch disc for the 4- and 6-cylinder models is 9.687" -- that's a lot closer to 9-11/16" than it is to 9-1/8".

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