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Any Fred Heads out there?

Comanche County

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If you're not one, you will be if you listen.


Fred Eaglesmith is, dare I insult the coveted Celine Dion, the best thing outta Canada. When you hear him, you'll think Western PA or West Texas maybe, but he's all Southern Ontario.


While I was on leave from Iraq for a couple of weeks, I was working on the Manche, listening to my Fred catalog. Songs about Cars, Trains, Engines (big and small), Farming, a few gun songs (no, not the dumb redneck gun songs), and other great Americana/ hard charged folk....


His stuff I also dare say is of comparable artistic quality to Johnny Cash's American recordings...but he can be somewhat of an acquired taste. Check out the reviews on amazon.com.


So join the Fred-Head revolution, prop up the hood, get your tools, and crank up the "Georgia Overdrive". Your jeep will love you for it.

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