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found this just out of the blue on craigslist. making my rounds and just happened to take a shot at this, and it just happened to be a AX-15 (I was fully expecting a BA 10/5)



CL link: http://nh.craigslist.org/cto/1399213933.html



He is selling it for $200, I'm sure I could talk him down at least a bit. It looks like a 2x4.


what are your opinions? go for it?


how hard is it to convert a 2wd AX15 to 4x4, and then more money for transfer case. best to just buy them together?


this is the only lead I've had searching for a while now.









tell me what you think please.

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It takes quite a bit of work to convert it to a 4wd trans, as you'll need the 4wd output shaft and tail housing. Not something you want to tackle if you're not familiar and comfortable with the inner workings of a manual transmission and use of a press. By the time you put all the money in it to convert, you probably could have just found a 4wd trans.


As for the internal, it's really easy to convert to an external setup.


P.S. Since I know you're looking for a 4wd swap, I wouldn't buy this trans.

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