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RPMs up...temp down??

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First time it has run hot in MONTHS.


Today, I let it sit for about 5 minutes running....get back in and temp gauge reads 210. Shut it down for a little while and I notice that the tank (88 MJ) looks like it wants to burst and coolant is seaping out.


Start it back up, temp is normal, stop at a light and temp goes back to 210. Start to go and temp drops. Next light same thing, but at the light I upped the RPMs and temp dropped to normal.


It does have a new radiator with-in 8 months. When I got home I alsp replaced the bottle and cap..... I bought a new one a few months ago and did not replace yet b/c I had no issue since new radiator.


Cannot remember if there is a fan shroud.....


Thought it was weird that temp was normal at higher RPMs?????

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higher rpms will pull more air across the radiator.


210* is the normal operating temp for the 4.0L


Coolant should NOT be leaking out of a closed system. I would address that first. :thumbsup:


210, really! cool then..... mine has always been at 180.


I put new tank/bottle on and new cap, how much coolant should I ad? half full ? full?


Thanks fo all the help!!

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water pump??


MJ started running hot today..... was stopped at a light, temp was creeping up, but when I upped the RPMs, the temp dropped to normal.......


Thanks in advance

Fan clutch. Classic symptoms.


I put new tank/bottle on and new cap, how much coolant should I ad? half full ? full?

Half full when cold. It's a surge tank. The coolant expands when it gets hot. You NEED that air space for the expansion. If you fill it full when cold, you'll blow up the new tank.

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Might also have been a coincidence with the thermostat opening, allowing cooler coolant from the radiator into the engine. I can see the thermostat open and close just by watching the temp gauge go up and down. It will steadily climb to almost 210, then steadily drop to almost a full line below 210 before going back up.


I run a 195 degree thermostat, which I believe is the correct temperature for this engine.

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