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oil leak. HELP

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Can you give us a little more information?


What I mean is, you may have replaced the main seal but there are a lot of variables here. For example:


Did you possibly put part of it in backwards?

Is your oil pressure high (because of advanced miles on your engine or the breather line is plugged) and the pressure has caused the new rear main to fail?

Could you possibly have nicked the crank when you replaced the top part of the seal? Did you used a new 1 piece oil pan seal when you had the pan down for the seal replacement, or did you remove the transmission and use a one piece seal?

Are you sure the oil is actually still leaking from the RMS? Sometimes the valve cover can leak at the back and it will run down the block and just look like the RMS is leaking.

Could the 'O' rings on the oil filter adapter be worn and leaking, and running down the block?


Please let us know a little more and we can narrow it down! :D


Edit: dayem Eagle you're quick on the trigger!

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