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transformer question for any electrical gurus

Pete M

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No, not those ones. :D


My microwave is on the fritz. Nothing works at all in it. Fuses are good and I've traced good 110 power to the low voltage transformer. But the transformer isn't giving me the proper readings. According to the "fix-it paper" found wedged inside the back casing, it should be 17 ohms on the primary and 0.5 ohms on the secondary. The primary is reading too low (13 I think it was). Problem is that the part no longer exists in the world. :fs1: So I figure I'll just wire in a generic version. But I've got no idea what voltage should be coming out of this thing. The papers don't say and it's been a decade since I've had an electrical course and can't remember if it's possible to determine the output voltage of a transformer from only the input voltage and the resistance. Anyone remember? :dunno:


any other ideas?

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1.31 jiggawatts......







no no no, it was 1.21 jiggawatts, jeeze, you're gonna kill someone :rotf:


And that wasn't correct either. It was supposed to be Gigawatts. Christopher Lloyd mispronounced it, and they kept it.


And some vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnqtXOi1iaY


Add that to the bank of useless knowlege.

Rob L. ;)

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Pete, a microwave that old ain't worth fixing. I still have the same GE model, introduced about 12 years ago. It's failed for different reasons over the years, and I replaced it three times now, same model but "improved" - four year lifespan average. Everytime it fails, I troubleshoot it, zero in on the bad part, and when I look for the part(s) I need, it costs nearly as much as I can replace the whole damn thing for (less than $100). And then you're not absolutely positive the new part will fix it. Not worth the hassle mate. The old m/w's are very power inefficient too. :cheers:

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