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Dana 44 Years


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He is confusing the XJ D-44 and the MJ D-44....


The one in the XJ was harder to find and only available from 87-90(very limited)


The MJ version... 87-92 under all the metric ton MJ's out there.


More than likely..he has no idea what he is talking about.. or is hoping you don't so he can run the price up.

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I hear quite a few of the 92s had a D44 for no reason other than that was what was left on the shelf. Also some were specifically ordered with a D44, but not towing package or MT package.


Still, the opening bid, even though it's more than I would pay, is not completely out of line for a Comanche D44 with stock perches in the correct location.

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XJ D44 was only listed as an option for 87':


in the Off Road package

as part of the towing package

and as a stand alone "HD rear axle" option.


Others have seen them in 88' & 89's, but officially you could only order them in 1987.



The MJ D44 was available as an option in 87', just like the XJ,

but was also part of the "Metric Ton", or "Big Ton" package, in LWB MJ's with steel wheels, from 87-92.


(Metric Ton package came with a 4.10 geared AMC Model 20 in 1986).



Other than that, I'm not gonna say "it only came in this", or "it never came in that",


a) Jeeps seem to get alot of parts swapped in & out of them along their lives,


B) lotsa people firmly believe AMC/Jeep was likely to build any combination of things at any given time,

and I'm not gonna be the one to talk them out of it. :D

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