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91 2wd pioneer build (intended as a dd budget build, but...)

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ok i started by buying this 89 comanche (in the back of the picture) with no title with the intention of getting a title and putting it on the road.

then i found a 91 2wd with 98+k miles and bought it for $700 and a 97 2 door cherokee with a salvage title with 55k miles on it for $700 from the same lady and instead of using it for the parts i sold it to my girlfriends younger brother ... he needed a ride since his tacoma was wrecked and then i think he drove it a little to far into a pond. the cherokee needed just a little work to get it on the road so i gave him the 2wd cross beam out of my 91 comanche i drove home about an hour and 15 minutes with a leaky water pump and a bad exhaust leak.

the lady didnt really good care of it so me and a couple of my boys went and pulled a motor out of an 01 cherokee and the 4wd transmission got it and the radiator , a busted transfer case, two bucket seats out of a 96 xj, and even the ac compressor with the motor all for $300 since brought my engine hoist up that i had just bought and we pulled it. any ways here it is as it sits now

it got 97 xj axles hp dana 30 and chrysler 8.25 that i just happened to find some 4.56 gears for and jumped on the deal. its springover with the 2wd leaf springs , xj shackles, but with the ballistic fab perches we think it may come out to be like 5 inches of lift in the rear but not sure yet. its all gotta be welded up and shock mounts put on too but here's a shot of the rear

floor pans are in great shape just a little surface rust

for now it will get the wheels and tires off this cherokee I'm parting out but i just bought it for the wheels and tires and to cut the front of the frame off to fix my mechanics comanche here it is he is the original owner since 92 ...well i think he said he sold it but bought it back from the guy

it had an arb bumper on it but the wreck messed up the bracket on it.

I'm trading him a lot of parts for labor so that works out pretty good but this started as a budget build ...but now of course he convinced to to just go ahead and try to do it all right...so its a work in progress now and my 97 tj is my dd still for now. i picked up the red 91 in may 09 and hoping to have it ready by september to take it on some camping trips with the dogs ..i have two american staffordshire terriers so i got a camper shell for it i...for cheap too that I'm hoping to use with it some to take the dogs.


oh yeah its getting the 97+ front clip now too and i want to paint it a dark navy and hopefully get some custom bumpers built for it it in the future. i want to use it for when i rarely tow stuff instead of using the tj.


my girl has been upset because ever since i got it ive been chasing parts and have been on craigslist non stop but i think it will all pay off soon and since its an auto she may get to drive it some too.

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i think they are shorter i guess i because it drops it down an inch. i never compared them beside it each other though, with the 2wd leafs and and xj shackes it brings it down 2 inches so with that springover combination it's supposed to be like 4.5 inches which is what size front coils i'm using in the front.


his black comanche is spring over and will fit 35s ...he thinks mine will fit 33's without any trimming

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so does anyone have anymore info on how they used a 99+ up intake manifold.?...on the link i saw you have to use an adjustable fuel regulator? i think I'm just going to put mine on my tj and run a tb spacer but i have another 01 motor and will probably want to swap it out if i get headers later on.

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finally found a donor for doors since my girlfriend little brother wrecked his cherokee i was able to pick up a 4door 97 and sell him some stuff he needed i still need a passenger fender since i sold it but here's a couple shots of some stuff we finally got done.


o yeh u can kinda see the 5.9 ltd hood vents we added in these pics as well

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well my project has taken a while ups and downs with financial situations and time constraints but hopefully i will have it on the road before the new year ...and the paint will be done by the spring the latest but here's a most recent shot of mine and the second pic is mine parked beside Scott Schwabes (his has changed since the upper pic also)

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