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Beautified the pig a little


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i painted the fender flares black, and i painted/coated the rockers with the stuff i used on my yj frame and other pieces. i recomend this stuff to anyone, its like por 15 but better and cheaper in my opinion. anywho, i also put on a front bumper with the bumperettes in front and fog lights. the black flares and rockers really toned down the two tone from the po that did some body work but not all.








this ole pig has come a long way since i got it last year or so.

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so what's that coating called?


is called "rust shield" and its made by a company called "sem" its awesome stuff, bites into anything, i've used it on my frame off build after doing a lot of research. i was referred to it by a local hot rod shop by my shop, and after asking around the local restorers love it. i bought it at the local auto paint supply shop. it comes in different colors, and you can buy a catalyst that makes it impervious to acids, oils, gas, brake fluid and so on. one gallon w/ catalyst was around 90 bux.


if anyone ends up using it, give me a shout for some tips so you don't have to learn the hard way like i did, its easy to use, just a couple hints to mike life easier :thumbsup:

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I'm gonna be honest, i like the flares red. but hey if you like it than thats all that matters. :thumbsup:


you mean you liked them "reds"? :nuts: :rotf: (kidding) even the flares were two tone. my wife thought i painted the red cuz it looks so much better now. it made the two reds ten times closer.


kinda makes me want the whole truck to be black :hmm:

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