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youtube video... i think you will enjoy this.


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Yep, i've seen it. Here is the other one if you didn't find it:



Rob L.


Let me add that Railroad guys really aren't that creepy... :waving:


Creepy or not, you know if any of us were an engineer and saw that super-clean optioned out XLS, we would stop a meteor to look at it, much less a train.


Rob L. :D

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I absolutely love the simplistic message in those commercials:


"There is a new truck on the road, Jeep Comanche. Its worth a look."


I wish car companies would bring back the simplistic message in their advertising. Nowadays it is too much music, sound effects, worthless hype, and blabbing on TV. The few Jeep commercials on TV are fairly decent, but do not have the, "Its worth a look" punch line.

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