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  1. If anyone is still paying attention to this dead Forum, I need a Comanche again! Would LOVE mine back but last place I heard it went was Longview Washington. I'm driving a dang Jetta TDI, sweet gas mileage but painful on the pride...
  2. So its been awhile, i just have a couple of quick updates i'd like to share and maybe get some opinions on. SO to start out.... i got rear ended about a month ago now...pretty much ruined the drives side bed on my truck... the insurence is talking about calling it totaled and paying me 2 grand for the truck... so i'm excited lol i'm thinking about collecting money, and buying it back or whatever and then bobbing the bed, cutting it right before the taillights and right before the wheel well. (where all the damage is) so i wanted to see some other comanches that have had that done to them aswell if anyway knew of any. so anyway.. thanks for your time... i'll try to have some more pics up next couple days.
  3. Thats what I planned on doing. Gotta get it fixed or it will just come back again. Oh and BTW it is disgusting what comes out of 20+ yr old carpet when you pressure wash it. I ordered new carpet for my MJ a month or so ago from, http://www.stockinteriors.com/ and i got it pre-fitted, (had a little trimming i had to do), and it looks great! just in case your washing doesn't go to smoothly as planned.. lol I bought my carpet from there to, works real nice.
  4. So why are you selling it dude. i thought we where going to go wheeling someday and work on my truck ha. you where the one yelling at me when i had mine up for sale ;) good luck man, if i had the cash i'd love to own that beauty.
  5. loving the tires so far. went wheeling last couple nights and they where so freakin nice
  6. this is it btw: http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/pts/1465846076.html
  7. http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/cto/1462965615.html i was thinking about taking the fender flares off and putting them on my truck, along with the winch bumper, and maybe some lift parts for mine, and then sell it again... but i'm not a 2.8 fan... what do you guys think?
  8. thank you much, yeah i love them so far, they are kinda noisy i guess... but for a mud tire they aren't bad. i will update you on them as time goes on, but so far A+. except i broke 2 studs when i was changing the tires lol yeah thats what i'm thinking about doing, now i just need to get time ha
  9. Thanks man =) So i got the new tires on todaaay! looks better in person ha.. but i am really liking it..33's look so much bettter! i think i am going to get rid of that front bumper... cuz i don't really like it.. and put the stock one back on, then i have one of them bolt on brush guards to the stock bumper i think i might put on...but i'm wondering will it look to weird with my front cut fenders and a stock bumper?
  10. thats pretty good looking tire. kinda different how the sides are different.
  11. lol thank you pete Yeah main reason i am getting these tires is cuz i work at Tire factory, and we have them in stock and my boss wants them out of the shop because we have had them for a year in the wearhouse and can't return them, so i am getting a great below cost price on them.. so i figure can't beat that. but yeah i know what ya mean, i was going to get the Cooper STT's before this deal came about.
  12. that looks amazing! from what i can tell you cut your front fenders level with the header panel in the front right? then you put the stock bumper back on. could you take a close up picture of that and post it, i'm thinking about putting my stock bumper back on cuz i don't like my after market one.
  13. well its that time... getting new tires on her Wed. hopefully 33's will fit okay. heard both positive and negative about my tires, but for around here i think they will be great.
  14. yeah thats for sure. they rip you off way alot. but thats on all there Classic's. they just want to get rid of the new cars. but yeah.. if you have a classic car... i'd go elsewhere. they wanted like 150 bucks for a rusty fender for my 70 gmc. going today to get some one craigslist for 30 each ha
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