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Exhaust manifold #10 bolt

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So i went through and tightened all of my bolts that were loose on my exhaust manifoldin an attempt to cure high idle(suggested from another thread) and in doing so, i found that my #10 bolt is just not there(the very back one closet to the firewall). so my question is, is that a bolt that threads into the block and then has a nut on it? and can it be replaced?

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I had the same problem on my XJ,unless there is enough left to get ahold of your best bet is to pull the cyl head then extract it.


there is very little room to extract it in the engine bay, i tried cutting a notch in it and pulling it with a flat head bit but after breaking a couple bits i pulled the head.


afterward i kinda wished i had just pulled the head in the first place.

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What a drag dude. :fs1: Any way to notch it and get some hotwrench back there? (torch)


Rob L.


no way, not without pulling the engine. guess i have an excuse now to pull the 56k engine from the parts truck and prep it for a swap :brows:

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with intake and exhaust manifold removed, I would be able to extract it using a welder and a nut and maybe a torch




Dang..........you just remind me of that trick :D


Now to try to get a broken off stud for the water pump on my 351W :yes:


Plus.......the heat from welding the nut on would help big time.


Thanks Jeepco :clapping:

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when mine broke it broke off flush,i havent had much luck getting the nut and welder trick to work unless there is a little sticking out to get a good weld on. unless the bolt isnt stuck very bad which usually isnt the case on exhaust bolts.

I have also burned broken bolts out with a cutting torch but you have to be pretty good with a torch to do it.


there is some room to work in there,i got a cut off in there to notch the stud without removing the manifolds from the engine bay, when it came to pulling the manifolds i figured it was less work to just pull the head. with the manifolds already unbolted it takes a few minutes to have the head on a bench

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