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motor shock?

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What is this part called?.......... looks like a shock that's attatched to the motor. I think i need a new one. Mine is not tight. What does this part actually do? Where do i get one?


1988 comanche pioneer 2.5L 4 speed.


Thanks, Bryan

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It's a torque damper, but I doubt that's the "official" parts catalog name for it. If it's available at all, it's probably a dealer only part.


The 6-cylinder engines produce gobs more torque, and they don;t have that gizmo ... which leaves me wondering just how necessary it really is. Does anybody run a 2.5L without that thing?

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The replacement is called a SHOCK ABSORBER KIT, p/n 83500358, and available from the dealer as an assembly w. new hardware for each end, about $80.


But the 2.5 already has left and right engine mounts and a tranny mount like the 4.0L, so like Eagle says, I can't see it being necessary either. :D

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you mostly see these on 4cyl engines because they naturally vibrate a little.

you can take them off but you may notice a little vibration mostly at idle,if yours is broken you won't notice any change without it.


the 6 runs alot smoother then the 4 this is why the 4.0L doesnt need them.



From a performance stand point they are good to have


they are very popular in drift cars and you can buy some pretty nice/expensive ones.in a drift car or any application where your spinning tires, when the tires grab there is a large amount of energy twisting through the drivetrain and transfered to the motor & trans mounts,this is why you see chains or solid mounts on old hot rods. the shock takes the hit keeping you from breaking mounts and instead of wasting the energy it helps put it to the ground.


ever notice 4.0L tear out passenger side motor mounts and 2.5L don't?

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