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  1. selling my 1988 jeep comanche. 4wd, 2.5L, 5 speed manual, 23x,xxx miles starts up great in the cold, runs a little rough (exhaust). really low rust spots (surface). has it's dents and dings. email me at bryansteels@aol.com and i'll send pics. Olympic addition, fading red paint. tons of new parts, new carpet, new headliner, bucket seats are in great condition, all new brakes all the way around, all new gaskests (main seal, diff, valve cover, pinion seals, oil pan...) new front hub assy's, new powder coated rims, new snow tires, 2" lift, dana 35 in rear, Comes with tons of extra parts... complete interior trim, great shape bench seat, spare set of bucket seats, two hoods, two fenders, two doors, wiper motor, complete 2.5L motor with 120,xxx miles on it, extra rear sliding window, gear box, couple front clips plus grills, job box, tunnal cover, topper, rear dana 35, shafts, extra driver glass, door pannels, ...... and much more I'm looking to sell to get a XJ for my wife to drive in the winter. Willing to trade for XJ from '98 and up Price is $2800 for everything. Looking to sell everything together. If you see something you want email me a price don't ask me how much. Once again email me at bryansteels@aol.com with any questions or pics. Thanks (looks a lot like this one)
  2. check that ground behind your left tail light. Also could be the multifunction switch (light knob assembly). Just a guess
  3. I've got tons of parts from my project MJ. All grey in color Bucket seats out of a XJ with tumble...$80 Interior....$60 comes with dash back right brake light assembly.... just ask i'll probably have it. Thanks Well she went off to the scrap yard. I did take everything that i could off from it.
  4. I've got a 1988 MJ LWB that's going to the junk yard in about a week. If there's something you want from it let me know and come get it. Sorry, i'm not going to have the time to be shipping parts out. Located in Madiosn WI. control arms, fuel tank, windshield, tailgate, interior trim, steering wheel/ colum, doors, fenders, hoods, rear D35 not totally complete, bench seat, bucket seats, leaf springs, steel rims, under hood junk, 2.5L motor with 130,xxx miles.. fiberglass topper (tan), AX4 tranny, Come out and look and give me a fair price. Trim is grey. six o eight six 5 eight 77 three six
  5. Looking to buy a shortbed topper. I would love a black one. I have a LWB tan topper for trade also. Please send a pic and a price to bryansteels@aol.com Thanks guys Steel
  6. I've got a LWB topper for sale. I'll try and post a pic. Email me with questions or pics bryansteels@aol.com $100, Located in madison WI
  7. I've got a 2wd front axle, AX4 and lots of other parts. Located in WI
  8. steel


    whats the part number on the clutch? Wondering if it's the same for my '88 2.5L MJ.
  9. I'll take it for $75. I'll be around Sunday if you are. Thanks Brent ps. you should come look at my mess and see if there is anything you need from my parts truck. Bryan
  10. Brent I'm interested in the seats and the brackets. Let me know if you still got them and when i might be able to get them from ya. Also a total$ Thanks Bryan ps. I also have some questions for ya...
  11. steel

    carpet for my MJ

    Looking for a used cheap grey carpet for my project. Light grey. I know i can get a new one for $120 + shipping but i thoght i'd look for a good deal. On a budget... Thanks guys I'm located in madison WI
  12. So is this dark grey? How dark is it? pics? why are you not using it, is the color off?
  13. No luck. I also called NAPA and went to Auto Zone and they said the part in N/A. Please let me know if you can help me out. Thanks
  14. I don't know what size drum it is. The comanche is at my mechanics house. I'll call him to see..... just got off the phone with him and he said 10". My LT. lets us do small jobs but most the time it's just too wash them and keep them in for the night. Thanks
  15. I'm looking for the part in the drum that pushes the two shoes apart. It has a spring on one side and is located on the top half. I think it might be called a strut. Looking for two of these. I guess they're discontinued and the junk yard near me doesn't have them. Also my parts comanche is missing them too. 1988 2wd 2.5L with a 35 in the rear. Shipped to madison WI 53726. Thanks for looking
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