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Pic request: MJ with FSJ tailgate.


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I just searched 3 computers here looking for this pic, but I can't seem to find it. :dunno:


I don't know if I originally found it here, or not, but figured someone might have it.



A guy had cut down a J10/J20 tailgate to fit an MJ, and it looked awesome. :cheers:


So, anyone have a copy of it to share? (I swear I'm not :nuts: )

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Wow LG, thanks for digging that up. :cheers:

(I've been searching all day).


In my foggy memory, I remember it being cut down in all directions like that one, but I was thinking it was on an MJ bed (& not a Cheromanche).


Unless there was a copycat, I'd say that was the one.







I'm considering doing the same thing, with this gem:


and wanted to take another look.


Thanks for the (huge) help. image_209027.gifimage_209027.gif

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I was just talking to my dad about this last night. He has a buddy that picked up a J truck with a bad tranny. I was hoping he was going to part it out so I could get that killer gate for mine, but it looks like the guy fixed the problem and is gonna sell it whole. Still might go over and look at it just to figure out what it will take to mount it.

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IMO, narrowing it won't be that tough,

the lower tube, that forms the hinge runs the full width of the gate,

so, no matter how far you narrow it, the pivot point for the gate shouldn't need to be modified (tube even looks like a close enough diameter for the MJ).


The toughest part will be shortening it (in height), and retaining some kind of latch system.


Could always go with an external latch (copied, or borrowed from an older Jeep), since there's not much room left for the center latch once you shorten the gate.


I still have hope, and there's also the option of lowering the entire tailgate (dropping the bumper), but then the gate wouldn't be flush with the bed floor when it was open (poor solution to the problem).




I'm not completely in a position to start fabbing stuff right now, so of course I made this project even more complicated by buying a winch & trying to add that to my bumper at the same time. :D



This is my current bumper, (mounted on the old MJ).


If it'll fit, winch (MM8k) will go to the left of the receiver tube.

Probably gonna cut a piece of channel to add to the bottom of the bumper (4" channel),

since the winch needs a taller space to mount.


Also want to add 'wings' to the bumper ends so the new bed corners don't end up like the old bed corners.

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can't wait to see it done :bowdown:



Thanks for the Tailgate Carmelo. :cheers: (I almost didn't tell you what it was for, incase you didn't want me chopping it up ;) )


It's not done yet, but here's a sneak peak so far (have to go to my build thread for the details :waving: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=14951&start=45 )


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