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Where Does one START?

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Well the screen room is 3/4 done so I'd like to get going on the comanche. have an 86 comanche 2.8 4 speed in the driveway thats been sitting for 5 months :mad: , I know they are very tempermental when not started sooooooo, all of you much more experienced folks could please give me a few pointers before I turn the crank, I'd appreciate it. It started back then no problem, drove a littlr ruff but was dependable after you pumped the carb it would crank right over. Thanks for all feed back :USAflag:

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If you're worried about problems, I'd start by checking all fluids. Look at the vacuum and coolant lines for cracks.


Another good idea is to take a breaker bar and socket, and turn the motor manually with the nut on the balancer. Make sure it's in neutral. :smart:


Other than that, there's not much else you can do before you crank the motor. If anything internal is gonna break, it's gonna break regardless. And if you do happen to break that cruddy little 2.8, there are several upgrade options available. jamminz.gif


It's a little odd to me that it's a 4 speed. All 2.8s I've seen either had the 3 speed (TF904) auto or 5 speed (AX-5) manual. I've only seen the 4 speed (AX-4) behind the 2.5L.

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X3 on the 4spd,

All the factory literature says it got either a 5spd manual, or 3spd auto.


They show a stripper MJ, with a 2.5L/4spd manual, as available from 85, right till the very end,

but not behind the 2.8L.

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Sorry Guys,


Its a 5 speed manual the 4 is next to the 5 and not proof reading before I posted :eek: . To much Black & Tan in the kegerator image_209027.gif . Thanks for your suggestions :USAflag:

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