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craigslist is so entertaining


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Not only did he say they put in a v6, but they actually took the time to explain it as different than a 4.0L? Slightly curious here...



Rob L.

I noticed that too. Seems that they would have had to change the tranny and all if they really did put a V-6 in there. He did say that it is a "Jasper built" engine though :bowdown: :shake: :rotf:

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So........Mr. Aemsee........I take this as your new project :D


Or at least double your $$$ with the parts :brows:


Both sets of front and rear brake setups were replaced within the last 4 months ($850)


:huh???: :eek:




Do you think you will have a hard time getting that '91 V-6 separated from the 4.0 bell housing :hmm:




And yes, there are some very stupid adds on Craigslist, seen my share of MJ's with 4.0 V-6's :doh:

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