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clogged cat vs. open headers

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My stock 87 2.5L has a clogged cat, at least I'm about 99% sure :fs1: It rattles really bad under acceleration and idle and I have experienced a loss of what little power I had. I am not in a position to replace the CAT right now so I was wondering if it would be better to run with no cat or muffler (straight headers) or just with the clogged cat. I know I will eventually foul my O2 sensor with the cat like it is, if i havent already. Plus it is really annoying/embarrasing. But i also know I will lose power/back pressure with no muffler.


This would be a very temporary fix to continue getting me to work and back until I can weld it all up again. What would you do? :dunno:




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I'm running a flowmaster muffler with no cat on my 2.5L and it runs pretty good.


Alot of people gut the cat,take it off and break/beatout all the catylist material.

it runs like it would with no cat but your exhaust might have a wierd hollow sound to it.

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I've done this several time, there is really no ill effects to run with a hollowed out cat.


Been running my cuber for the past 3 years with a hollowed out cat, I don't feel like spending over $300 for a replacement. But........We don't have sniffer test up here on anything older that '96 :D


What every you punch out, save it, it's sill worth $$$. Unless platinum has fallen in the market :hmm:

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I punched out the cat on my 90 caravan and experienced a loss of MPG.

This is what I did to my truck.



Punched it out,tubed the inside. don't know how well it'll work as I don't see the truck being done till this Fall or Winter.

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