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Is there a shackle out there that can be used as stock up to 3" or not I can not find one. not sure if I'm going 2-3" or not yet, but mine are rotted out and need to be replaced any ways. in time I want to do a soa and do not want to replace the shackles again thats why I need stock to 3".

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if i follow you correctly, the answer is no, there is nothing out there like that. i think you are asking if there is a shackle that has adjustable mounting positions and can give up to 3" of lift, but you can drop back to stock height after going SOA. first, you wouldn't want a shackle that would give 3" of lift, it would be as long as your arm LOL. seriously though, because you are only lifting it from one end, to achieve 3" lift over stock the shackle would have to be 6"! longer than stock. closest thing to what you are asking is some chevy drop shackles, available on ebay for @$45/pair. they can give you either 1" or 2" of lift. when you go soa you could either drop down to 1" or just find a JY pair of MJ shackles. AND, if the SOA turns out being a bit too high for you, XJ shackles will actually drop you about 1". i hope this is what you were asking. :dunno:

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I completely agree with Wahoosteeler!!


I would buy a set of JKS XJ lift shackles. They are EXCELLENT, IMHO one of the best designs. They offer a slight boomerang for good angles and ride. They will match the MJ's stock length and are WAY sturdier. Get your lift from custom spring pack or add a leaf. Sounds like its only a matter of time till the SOA so maybe just tuff it out till then...




Another good shackle is Rubicon Express XJ lift shackle. VERY similar and just as sturdy.


http://www.4wheelerssupply.com/catalog/ ... s_id/71405


If you HAD TO have a lift shackle, http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/84-01-Je ... 4004r23771



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Actually, since the axle doesn't mount on the middle of the spring pack, but rather approx. 40/60 split, to lift 3" you need a shackle 8" longer than stock :eek:


Get a pair of used stock shackles if they are rusted to the point of being unsafe, and a set of 3" lift springs, some longer shocks and a brake hose from a 95 Dakota.

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