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Wheeling with no tailgate.

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I've not yet heard of anyone having a problem. Our trucks have a much sturdier rear structure than a fullsize (our bed is bolted directly to a fully boxed frame, their beds usually sit on body mounts on a C-channel frame)

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I used to wheel without a tailgate to get rid of any unnecessary weight out back. Last few times I have had the tailgate on so when I pick up some trash on the trail I can just toss it in the bed and not lose it somewhere else. No noticeable difference. And unlike many other brand old trucks out there, my rusted/rotted, dented, abused bed is still sturdy.

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That is what I am after. Better vision backing up.


I remember taking it off to ramp the MJ,

only to get questions & wierd looks from everyone:


Them: "how does taking the tailgate off make you ramp better?"



Me: "that way I don't back off the side of the ramp" :doh:

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