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Wiring Question

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I was trying to install a new radio in my 88 today and I can't find the 12v constant. I've read that the wire should be either pink or red/white. I have neither of those in there. I have identified all the wires except one. It is a red/brown wire. I can't find anything about a red/brown anywhere online. I have searched here and naxja. The previous owner chopped the OE dash harness so I can't use wiring harness :fs1:

Any help would be great!

Thanks, everyone!

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Interesting. I do have the LF- though.

I don't see any red/brown on that diagram either.

I checked just about everything on 12volt and all the red/brown are speaker wires. I couldn't have two of the same wires, right? grr. I think I'm gonna test it tomorrow. I'll let you guys know what happens.

Thanks for the replies!

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Do you own a multimeter? It'd just take a minute to test all the wires in question to find your constant 12v wire. A cheap multimeter can be had for less than $20 and will be invaluable for basic electric troubleshooting.


You can also get a 12v test light for a few dollars if you don't want to take the time to learn the multimeter (but it's really simple, honest).

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