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Pens Sweep Their Way to Stanley Cup Finals


Who wins the cup?  

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  1. 1. Who wins the cup?

    • Red Wings
    • Penguins

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YEAH!!! How 'bout those PENGUINS!!! Anybody else ready to watch them take another crack at the Wings? Oh and I must say hats off to the Canes. They are sorta my second team, if that's allowed... With that said, I still enjoyed the thorough dismantling of them by The Sid and Geno Show. The legend of Cam Ward is fading just a bit. 17 goals in four games. OUCH. The Pens are looking stee-rong right now. I think they'll drink from Lord Stanley's Cup in June!

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I'm not even sure why the 'Canes got so far in the playoffs. The Pens have what, 2 players that score? How can they not guard 2 guys? :dunno: The recent Wings' injuries concern me though. We may not need Datsyuk and Lidstrom to throw the Hawks under the bus, but I have a feeling we'll need them for the Penguins.

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Nah, Guerin and Fedotenko have been puttin em in too. My biggest concern is Fleury. He has flashes of brilliance and moments of sterpidity. If he can keep his head and we don't turn the puck over in the neutral zone I see the Pens winning it all. Every night it seems we get a score from someone who doesn't score. That's always positive. Defense is better this year too. jamminz.gif

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